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Language Identification
Automatically detect the primary language used in an audio or video file before transcribing it.
Language Identification takes an audio file and returns the most likely languages that was spoken. Language Identification provides valuable information about your user's audio moving through your platform and can be used to inform which language to submit your transcription and caption jobs in. See all 23 languages we offer for Language Identification here.
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Topic Extraction
Expose key themes and quotes in conversations or long form text.
Topic Extraction finds the top keywords, phrases, and themes from unstructured text content. The verbosity of the output can be changed with a simple adjust parameter.
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Sentiment Analysis
Uncover positive, neutral, and negative statements in your content.
Sentiment scores ranging from -1 to 1 identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiment in text. Operates on plain text or your Rev AI JSON output directly. With JSON, timestamps of supporting statements are also provided.
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