Speech to text API

Rev.ai is an advanced speech recognition API from the makers of Temi and Rev.com. Power your application with our best-in-class proprietary speech models.

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How It Works

Create a Rev.ai account

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Get your API key

On the settings page, generate your API key to connect to the API.

Integrate with the API

Read our docs here and test for free.

Rev.ai Features

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) converts spoken word to text with best-in-class accuracy.

Punctuation & Capitalization

Automatically punctuate (commas, question marks, periods, etc.) and capitalize for an easy-to-read transcript.

Speaker Diarization

Recognize multiple speakers and attribute text to each.

Timestamp Generation

Receive a timestamp for each word.

Custom Dictionaries beta

Customize vocabulary with names, industry-specific terminology, and more to increase transcript accuracy.

Live Streaming coming soon

Transcribe speech to text in real-time.
Have questions? Contact us at support@rev.ai