RevSpeech API

RevSpeech is an advanced speech recognition API from the makers of Temi and Power your application with our best-in-class proprietary speech models.

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How It Works

Create a RevSpeech account

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Get your API key

On the settings page, generate your API key to connect to the API

Integrate with the API

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RevSpeech Features


Our accuracy is best in class. Don't believe us? Try our competitors and you'll see the difference.


A 10 minute audio file is transcribed in under 3 minutes.

Simple Pricing

$0.035/min (Early Adopter Price) rounded up to the nearest 15 seconds.

Advanced Features

Our models support punctuation, capitalization and speaker segmentation.

Audio/Video Support

We can transcribe most audio/video formats.

Constant Improvement

We are working hard every day to make our models more accurate and to add features to our API.
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